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Default Re: Jag's New Tat (Pic Inside)

Hi Gang,
It's finally time to resurrect this thread. I spent four hours in the chair yesterday, getting the black jaguar inked onto my other shoulder. It's meant to be a companion piece/matched set to my previous jaguar tattoo. The first one, the yellow jag, is my spirit animal. The second, the black jag, is my wife's spirit animal. I'm very happy with how the whole thing turned out. My wife took A LOT of pic's of both of these events, but I'll spare you the intermediary pictures and just post the final results:

My first jag, that I got back in December (which I posted when this thread first started, but it's good to have it here for a refresher):

The black jag that I had done yesterday:

And, finally, both jag's together for the full effect:

I'm extremely happy with how they both turned out. I can't even decide which one I like better, actually! My artist is a freakin' genius! So, klxnt made me the killer avatar I've been using for the last six months. Since then, I've been enabled to use a 75x75 avatar at 30kb or less since I cleared 5,000 posts, and I'd like to be able to incorporate all three of the pictures above into an avatar somehow. Anyone want to take a shot at doing a new one for me?


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