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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

HOLY BATMAN! This man, Larry the coolest f%*($&@ person from the "biz" to ever come online. I LOVE it when actors interact with fans! not to mention, you practically OWN every post on this thread!! I LOVE that! love love love that so much, there are just some celebs who would interact, but would post only so little, but you're ONE OF US! bro.

It means to much to ME, and all of us other moviefans to see you post here with us! that's so nice of you man. Really appreciate this. Makes for a GREAT atmosphere.

I'm going to ask you some personal questions though if you dont mind.

I know that you are from Ireland, but when did you start your acting career, and when did you move out to the United States? what years..

Where do you reside these days? in United States I assume right?

- You seem like a really great person man, and I appreciate for posting here, dont forget BATMAN ON FILM, I saw your thread there, I'm "TermlnatriX" Stick around.

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