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Originally Posted by MarvelMovies

Although, I thought Blade: Trinity was a pretty good movie..

I need to see it again though...

I only saw it once, and that was a few nights before opening weekend, and I was so excited to get the pass and to actually get into the theater.. I could've seen House of 100 Corpses (1/10 to me) and thought it was awesome.

I had a pass for Hellboy too, but I couldn't even get in the theater, there were so many people... for Blade, showed up nice and early to assure my spot.

Reynolds was the best part of BT I think, I'll definitely have a look at his thread.
The DVD watch of B:T was much better. I wasn't impressed the first two viewings in theatre though. Hellboy is Awesome. Ron was made to play that role.

On a note more related to the thread. These Mega Morph toys come out this month...

I was trying to find a better pic of the Ghost Rider one.

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