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Default Re: BatGirl...Just Because

Originally Posted by Jourmugand
Well,i know that the Spoiler [Temporary Robin] is not BatGirl,but im trying to clear some space off my computer.So donating it to those who like the image is fine.

I thought the idea of a female Robin was a good idea anyway.

I'm in the minority that liked Spoiler as Robin. I just loved the odd couple-ness of the young, perky blonde next to the dark, brooding, loner.

Her best stuff was in the Detective issue where she went against Zsasz. When he had her by the throat, she could have gone for the traditional female "foot stomp" or a elbow to the kidneys, but, instead, SHE BIT HIS NOSE OFF. She got out of his grip, spat it out, and beated his ass.

That's hardcore.

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