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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Excellent Essay Darth!!
I don't know but something about Storm and Wolverine getting together in X3 seems very forced. It smells like an idea Tom Rothman would have put in the script - even if it's something thats happened in the comics. If i remember correctly Bryan Singer made Mystique morph into Storm so the suits could get their wish of having Halle and Hugh do a steamy scene ($$$).

How much depth can this 'relationship' really have when the movie is going to be focusing on so many new chartacters?! It doesn't really make any sense cause theres been no hint of a spark between Wolverine and Storm in the movies. There was hints of that with Nightcrawler they should have focussed on developing the Storm-Nightcrawler relationship because they had such great scenes together. Halle and Alan Cumming had great on-screen chemistry.

I think this 'relationship' will be purely sexual. In Swordfish Halle (damn she looksgood in that pic!) and Hugh were great so i don't forsee any problems on that front.

P.S: In the movie-universe we don't know zilch about Storm's past. My suggestion to the filmmakers is to dig some more into that and then MAYBE she can hook up with Logan.
NOTE: If it works storywise i say bring it on!!
Hope i'm making sense here. :0

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