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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

I think that when this was first rumoured. Back when the AICN Script review came out. The Storm and Logan senario was described as a 'sex scene' not a relationship. That why it ruffled a few peoples feathers. I, like a few other people didnt want Storm and Logan just to have sex. That would give the word X-Men a whole new meaning.

Storm isnt the type of woman who would go to bed with anyone. She wouldnt go to bed with Wolverine if she knew he only wanted her for sex, nothing more. If they have some sort of relationship before, then they have sex, it could work.

X3 could work without a Storm/Wolverine relationship but it would allow us to see both Storm and Wolverine in a different light.

I dont want them to have a sex scene. I would be fine with them just having a cuddle or kiss. Showing the audience they are an item and moving on with the plot. However, you dont get the chance to see Halle and Hugh rolling around naked. Their faces are on all the promotional posters. They are both rather attractive. The women will be happy with Hugh topless and the men would be happy with seeing some Halle flesh.

Plus, with Jean going all powerful, mutants losing their powers left right and center, Iceman wanting Shadowcat to phase through him, Prison breakout scenes....dont we need some love?

Jean could get a little pissed off with the relationship and this may lead to a Storm v Dark Phoenix battle....I can dream....

....Enter fanboys and Halle bashers....

(Ps. Nice work Lightning, I've been waiting for a decent thread )

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