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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

As with any concept, there is the potential for good and bad. Because of the surrounding circumstance, if this leak is truth, I am pretty sure the "handling correctly" thing will be about as likely as getting an Oscar nomination for an Uwe Boll movie.

Fact: Thomas Rothman
Fact: No previous indication of "emo" or real substancial time between these two characters on screen.
Fact: Script re-written and revised at last minute to include said romance.
Fact: Brett Ratner doesnt have a single credit to his referral of directing something with a deep, "well handled" relationship.

ROLO being greatest comic movie Romance = FAT CHANCE!

But I havent seen or heard exactly how this scenario will play out, so I will hold out hope!

*takes toys goes home and puts signs of hope in all their hands*

"Goooooh, Ruuuuun, git to da choppa"
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