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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

This is such a good point, and I agree totally! The two characters could have a working relationship had not so many new characters been introduced (Beast, Kitty, Juggernaut, and Angel). So I think that it is best that they explore Storm more. They have really made her 2-Dismensional, and it has pissed me off. She has no depth in the movies, they make her weak (which is totally not Halle's fault, she is an excellent actress!). Storm was/is much more than some little weak punk. Toad whipped her @$$ in the first one! In the comics I doubt he would have beat her so badly. ::Sigh:: which is why I hope that they delve deeper into Storm in this one...and keep her romantically uninvolved with Wolverine. For now. I think that connecting the two would be great because it would diminish the love triangle between Logan, Scott, and Jean, and allow the relationship between Scott and Jean to develope into marriage (Scott and Jean are engaged in the movies if anyone wants to argue). They cannot end the X-Series here because there is soo much more to be said! They should make five movies cause we need a Danger Room sequence and Sentinels!

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