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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Very nice Lightning.

You gave me some excellent food for thought.
The key here is that it should be well writen and done for the right reasons, such as the ones you mentioned.
My fear is that it will be done cheaply and in poor taste just to satisfy a 'money-making formula' conceived by executives instead of the actual talent behind the production.

Let's cross our collective fingers.

About the Logan/Storm relationship in the books. I remember they started a little flirting some years ago but it never went anywhere. I don't know if it was because of poor writing then or because of fan feedback but I never got enthused at the idea of them together. For me there's only one guy who's been Ororo's equal when they were in a relationship, and that is Forge... But we shall see what comes of this.

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