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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

I've always wanted Wolverine/Storm together in both the films and comics, so if it happens, I'll be happy...ONLY if it isn't just some random sex scenes, like the AICN script led to believe. That's just stupid. Storm isn't like that. I hope they're seriously trying to make them be in a relationship, and then have Jean come back, which causes problems between her, Logan and Storm. It'd give a whole new reason why Storm should whoop Phoenix's butt in the skies

I's a pairing that needs to be dealt with kind hands. If it works for the story, the character interactions, etc...good! If they're just doing it for some hot, sex scenes, then I'll lose all respect for the people @ Fox

But then again...who knows. That entire aspect of the 'six day script' might've been cut all together. I don't wanna look forward to the idea, because it could easily be missing when X3 hits theatres

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