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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by Dark Lightning
A Hypothesis: Consider This?

Edit...the license to do whatever they want--be it good or bad.

Could it be that the vaporizing of Scott and the ROLO factor could actually be a modernized take on the Scott/Jean/Emma deal? Okay, I know it sounds far-fetched but work with me here for a moment:

With him out the picture, I wonder if FOX is trying to create a new love triangle between Jean, Logan and Storm instead?

I know it may sound crazy (and personally I think this would SUCK A$$ if it is true)...but this is FOX we're talking about here.
I think I just died a little inside!

Why dont they just change the name from Xmen3 to Three Days of Xmen lives and aire it around 1pm on FOX!

I know this is a worst case scenario but, you just depressed the crap outta me..that is until it turns to anger

"Goooooh, Ruuuuun, git to da choppa"
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