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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by Dark Lightning
And thank you for consistently being an ass. Your abrasive ways never fail to impress us Hypesters.

Please try your call again later.

Liz, how can you anticipate the general movie audience will not "favour" a concept they haven't seen? At this point it'd be hard to guage what their reaction will be considering that Storm has been a 2-dimmensional character for 2 films straight. This is where Singer really handicapped Storm's cinematic personna--he hasn't built any kind of foundation whatsoever for her.
In your opinion. She seemed to be pretty established character in the last 2 movies and had a strong bond and relationship to the children of the institute.

Think about it: all of the core X-Men characters (in particular Rogue, Bobby, Pyro, Magneto, Cyclops, Jean, and especially Logan) Storm is the only one that has never had a true character arc. She's never grown from one point in the saga to another point in her personality. While the NC "I have faith in you" was a nice step in the right direction, Kurt won't even be in this installment so they are taking her back to square one again.
There was also her resentment toward humanity which was evident in both movies, that Nightcrawler helperd her overcome in the second one where it was STORM that saved the world, NOT Wolverine.

Ratner knows the X-Men well--he's reportedly a major fan of the characters. So he knows Storm is regal but is also passionate and sexually free (especially in the 80's when she was often nude or scantily clad ). Bryan Singer completely rewrote her character into an oppressed, mousy, scared individual...hardly a Goddess that commands the winds.
Singer didn't rewrite the character. And I didn't find her mousy or scared at all. She gets quite mousy, scared, and oppressed in the comics frequently in regards to her claustrophobia though.

I've yet to see Ratner show any proof that he knows the characters well other than himself saying he's a big fan.

That said, Brett & Co. will have an uphill battle indeed to bring some life to Storm. While I too am concerned that the ROLO factor is just a way to "give her something to do" it is also clear-cut evidence that FOX finally realizes the character has suffered a lack of development and needs something to do. If it's done tastefully and with class it coooould work.
Once again, in the second movie she SAVED HUMANITY on the entire planet. If that's not something to do, I don't know what is.

My whole point is that its not going to be tasteful, its just going to cash in on star power, and whatever tasteful or compelling material can come out of that is going to be brushed aside for the simple novelty of pairing up Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. The question isn't a "Can we have a romance between Wolverine and Storm?" its Tom Rothman's question of, "Can we get Halle and Hugh to ****?"

Making this into a LOVE TRIANGLE between Storm, Wolverine, and Jean would also be complete and utter bull****. The whole point was in the comics AND the movies as well is that Jean is NOT really in love with Logan. Her attraction to Logan was purely superficial, and after looking into it she realizes that she's really in love with Scott. Scott is the person she wants to be with and truly loves deep down inside.

There's no reflection of the Emma, Scott, Jean triangle with Jean, Storm, and Wolverine at all. Jean and Scott were married! In the movies all Jean and Wolverine had was at best an IMMATURE attraction to each other. They never had a REAL relationship!

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