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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
In your opinion. She seemed to be pretty established character in the last 2 movies and had strong bond and relationship to the children of the institute. !
The vast majority of people would disagree with you. Both critics, fans and general audiences have consistently and unaminously commented on how short-changed this particular character is (along with Scott Summers).

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
There was also her resentment toward humanity which was evident in both movies, that Nightcrawler helperd her overcome in the second one where it was STORM that saved the world, NOT Wolverine.!
That "resentment" is not accurate, and the fact that they put that there shows they don't truly understand the character. Storm doesn't resent humanity at all--she embraces the differences of cultures and works to make them coincide peacefully. You can't arrive to that conclusion if you're begrudingly resentful of them.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
Singer didn't rewrite the character. And I didn't find her mousy or scared at all. She gets quite mousy, scared, and oppressed in the comics frequently in regards to her claustrophobia though.

I've yet to see Ratner show any prove that he knows the characters well other than himself saying he's a big fan.
Singer admits he never touched an X-Men comic prior to 2000. He has also been said to not care much for Storm's character. Ratner *says* he's a huge fan but the proof will be in the pudding come May 2006.

But as someone who has read/collected these books with a particular passion for Storm, I can confidently tell you that Singer did indeed rewrite the character. He totally screwed her up royally. He custom-fit Storm for Halle, rather than transform Halle into Storm.

Storm is NOT mousy--and anyone who says she is simply does not know the character at all. Women that are worshipped as goddesses and held in high regard as royalty don't portray themselves that way. She is a woman of strength and fortitude--and even when she is at her weakest (i.e. in a claustrophobic situation) she generates more commanding presence and dominance in her pinky finger than movie Storm's whole on-screen experience.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
Once again, in the second movie she SAVED HUMANITY on the entire planet. If that's not something to do, I don't know what is.
What, she stood there with her eyes rolled back for 1:30 seconds and created a cold wind????

Whoopty-ficking do. That's SFX doing their job, not characterization. Do you honestly understand what characterization is? Having Storm whip up tornadoes and blizzards is not "giving the character something to do". The other X-Men have SFX powers too, but that is only one dimmension of their character. They have been fleshed out well:

Wolverine: We don't even have to go into how much detail has been invested with the multiple flashbacks to his Weapon X days, his romantic conflict, his lack of memory, blah, blah and more blah.

Jean: Love Triangle, conflicted, flirtatious, lacking self-confidence and esteem at times. She is the mediator and problem solver, providing both the glue that holds things together and the hatchet that breaks them apart (i.e. with Logan and Scott). She is the center of each film's love story.

Bobby: Again, self-explanatory. We know all about the Drake Family and his background from X2.

Rogue: We know all about Marie's background and how she ran away from home in X1.

Magneto: We are treated to flashbacks to Erik's past in the Nazi concentration camps, and how he was snatched from his parents at a young age. In X1 he explains to Rogue how he and others arrived in New York as immigrants, but how the US turned out to be no "land of peace".

Nightcrawler: X2 spends much time developing his Mutant Circus history, as well as his experiences after he left that circle.

Mystique: Both films spend a lot of time touching on her school days mistreatment, her bottled anger and seething contempt for humanity, and her refusal to "look like everyone else". She gets almost too much screen time.

Professor X: His backstory is also explained thoroughly in X1, and his "bonding" with his brother-in-spirit Magneto is well documented.

Storm: Creates wind and more wind. Is scared of humans. Why? We don't know. Anger helps her survive. Against what? We don't know. She gave up on pity a long time ago. Why did she do this? We have no focking clue. There is no hint to what country she came from, let alone her past Goddess status in Africa, her adventures as a pick-pocket and other features.

But she can make a lot of wind though...and utter the worst punch-line in cinematic history.

Don't tell me that Storm is anywhere near the characterization equivalent of her peers in this saga.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
My whole point is that its not going to be tasteful, its just going to cash in on star power, and whatever tasteful or compelling material can come out of that is going to be brushed aside for the simple novelty of pairing up Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. The question isn't a "Can we have a romance between Wolverine and Storm?" its Tom Rothman's question of, "Can we get Halle and Hugh to ****?"

Making this into a LOVE TRIANGLE between Storm, Wolverine, and Jean would also be complete and utter bull****. The whole point was in the comics AND the movies as well is that Jean is NOT really in love with Logan. Her attraction to Logan was purely superficial, and after looking into it she realizes that she's really in love with Scott. Scott is the person she wants to be with and truly loves deep down inside.

There's no reflection of the Emma, Scott, Jean triangle with Jean, Storm, and Wolverine at all. Jean and Scott were married! In the movies all Jean and Wolverine had was at best an IMMATURE attraction to each other. They never had a REAL relationship!
I agree with the above.

"Give The Rights Back To Marvel" is officially now a thing.

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