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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by Dark Lightning
The vast majority of people would disagree with you. Both critics, fans and general audiences have consistently and unaminously commented on how short-changed this particular character is (along with Scott Summers).
Yeah well that's great, I disagree.

That "resentment" is not accurate, and the fact that they put that there shows they don't truly understand the character. Storm doesn't resent humanity at all--she embraces the differences of cultures and works to make them coincide peacefully. You can't arrive to that conclusion if you're begrudingly resentful of them.
Yes, and now because of her relationship with Nightcrawler in the second movie, she can do that .

Singer admits he never touched an X-Men comic prior to 2000. He has also been said to not care much for Storm's character. Ratner *says* he's a huge fan but the proof will be in the pudding come May 2006.
When did he say that? X-men came out in 2000. He had been working on the movie since 1997. And we know that he had to have picked up an X-men comic before it was released in 2000. He had been doing that when Tom DeSanto first introduced him and got him involved with the project. BS.

And it takes more than being a fan of the comics. Singer became a fan when he started working on the movies. But Singer is also a competent and coherent director, storyteller, and filmmaker. Much more so than Ratner. And I think that's just as important as fandom of the comics.

But as someone who has read/collected these books with a particular passion for Storm, I can confidently tell you that Singer did indeed rewrite the character. He totally screwed her up royally. He custom-fit Storm for Halle, rather than transform Halle into Storm.
Singer's not the writer.

Storm is NOT mousy--and anyone who says she is simply does not know the character at all. Women that are worshipped as goddesses and held in high regard as royalty don't portray themselves that way. She is a woman of strength and fortitude--and even when she is at her weakest (i.e. in a claustrophobic situation) she generates more commanding presence and dominance in her pinky finger than movie Storm's whole on-screen experience.
I don't see how this is all Bryan Singer's fault. Halle Berry has NEVER convincingly played a strong, willed and powerful woman like Storm. Jinx in Die Another Day was a mediocre and lame character with some of the worst character. Maybe you know, its not within Halle Berry's capacity to play more than vulnerable, compassionate types.

Just wanted to put that on the table.

What, she stood there with her eyes rolled back for 1:30 seconds and created a cold wind????
Whatever, you can generalize it like that, but if it wasn't for her seeing through the ruse and breaking Professor Xavier free, all the humans on the planet would've died. That's what happened in the movie. Her summoning up the of the tornadoes was a pretty HUGE display of her power as well IMHO. You can say, "OH SHE JUST SAT THERE" with her eyes white and find more things to complain about instead of emphasizing the positive things they did with her character.

Maybe Storm and Wolverine pairing will be just as great of a relationship as you claimed Alicia and Ben would be in Fantastic Four .

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