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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
I don't see how this is all Bryan Singer's fault. Halle Berry has NEVER convincingly played a strong, willed and powerful woman like Storm. Jinx in Die Another Day was a mediocre and lame character with some of the worst character. Maybe you know, its not within Halle Berry's capacity to play more than vulnerable, compassionate types.

Just wanted to put that on the table.
Allow me to put something else on the table.

How many movies featuring Halle Berry have you personally seen? Have you seen any of her works aside from 007 or Monster's Ball? Have you watched her dramatic roles i.e. Queen, or perhaps The Dorothy Dandridge Story? If you had, you'd see she certainly has the "capacity" as you put it...if the role calls for it. Hell, even in Catwoman she showed serious fire when she crashed her neighbor's house party. And that movie was lackluster.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
Whatever, you can generalize it like that, but if it wasn't for her seeing through the ruse and breaking Professor Xavier free, all the humans on the planet would've died. That's what happened in the movie. Her summoning up the of the tornadoes was a pretty HUGE display of her power as well IMHO. You can say, "OH SHE JUST SAT THERE" with her eyes white and find more things to complain about instead of emphasizing the positive things they did with her character.

Maybe Storm and Wolverine pairing will be just as great of a relationship as you claimed Alicia and Ben would be in Fantastic Four .

Way to miss my entire point about characterization, which is the usual response I get from you when I start coming with the facts. Talk about playing semantics. Vile, we aren't talking about SFX...we were talking about what it would take to make Storm a three-dimmensional character on screen.

Stop clinging to the SFX excuse--that shouldn't be all there is to Storm. Do you READ the comics? If you do, surely you can see there is a vast difference between what the comics suggest and the movie adaptation.

"Give The Rights Back To Marvel" is officially now a thing.

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