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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

I don't know your last draft seem to drafted on the negative qualities that Storm (Halle) had in the movie. Thats all the writers fault on that, and the direction, although I'm not defending Halle cause as a actress she could have had a word in on it. Either that they need to drop her arse and pick up someone else. Anyway, I just thought it was to drawn out, yes I guess you just have to type it that way, but the point is, that I don't see the focus of it. Besides your whole "ROLO factor" thesis you presented, the whole factoral debate on this leads me to wonder, why should it matter. Now don't get me wrong there are going to be some diffrences in opinion on this matter. I believe that yes they did present storm in a indiffrence factor to a point, they did show alot of her strong prowress though. There is no escaping that Hollywood is always going to have there last say in things *which sucks* but were stuck with that not unless a studio can be developed were all comic based films are created there, and there will be no problem with licensing, commercial onslaught, or abbrevial deviants.

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