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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by Dark Lightning
Allow me to put something else on the table.

How many movies featuring Halle Berry have you personally seen? Have you seen any of her works aside from 007 or Monster's Ball? Have you watched her dramatic roles i.e. Queen, or perhaps The Dorothy Dandridge Story? If you had, you'd see she certainly has the "capacity" as you put it...if the role calls for it. Hell, even in Catwoman she showed serious fire when she crashed her neighbor's house party. And that movie was lackluster.
Other than 007 or Monster's Ball? X-men 1 and X-men 2 .

But seriously of her movies she's appeared in that I've seen Robots (voice), Swordfish, Gothika, Bulworth (Beatty does rap), BAPS, Executive Decision, The Flinstones, Boomerang, The Program, and of course the fantastic Losing Isiah.

Citing CINO doesn't exactly help very much methinks.

Way to miss my entire point about characterization, which is the usual response I get from you when I start coming with the facts. Talk about playing semantics. Vile, weren't talking about SFX...we were talking about making Storm a three-dimmensional character on screen.

Stop clinging to the SFX excuse--that shouldn't be all there is to Storm.
I don't think that's all there is to Storm. You do .

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