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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

Originally Posted by --
Anyway, I just thought it was to drawn out, yes I guess you just have to type it that way, but the point is, that I don't see the focus of it.
Well that's because it's really not for you . It's for Vile, whom I've known for quite some time here on SHH. And he has a history of purposely dodging points when they are clearly cut for him to read. So while a simple one or two-sentence statement would suffice for most, for him I have to lay it out concisely--bullet by bullet--to make sure he gets where I'm coming from. I don't do the semantics thing.

And as you can see, for all that thought and development I invested in my response to him, he still missed the entire point.

You're obviously a idiotic troll looking for attention.
Now please...go to the top of the highest staircase you can find, and just fall.
Don't question's for your own good.
Once you've fallen, just lay there. As you lay, simply think of how stupid you are and how your stupidity got you there.

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