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Default Re: The "ROLO Factor:" A Look At Ororo & Logan's Love Story

I've quickly scanned most of the posts in this thread and although i won't go and respond to particular quotes, i wanted to chime in and give my two cents on this whole issue, as redundant as my opinions may sound at this point.

I'd like to start with saying a little something about Bryan Singer and everyone's rage about him changing the character up. Bryan was an amazing director folks, if he wasn't, we wouldnt even be here debating anything. We wouldnt care what happens next. He may not have been the biggest fan of the Xmen prior to his work on the films, but how is that a bad thing? Translating comics to films is not easy, and it can't be literally translated, otherwise it would be a big joke. That's why comics are comics (to be read and viewed) and Movies are movies. I enjoyed the fact that it was a director that could appreciate the darker, more serious tones of the idea of Xmen, rather than letting his knowledge and opinions of the book sway his judgments. Singer was fantastic, and If he could develop every other character pretty decently, why is it that Storm was so lack-luster? Maybe Ms.Berry cannot necessarily give across the energy and spirit of Storm. I've come to terms with it, they corrected her X1 flaws and dealt with their actress in the best ways they could. She wasn't terrible in X2. At least she lost that accent.

As for the whole "ROLO" thing, I agree with most when I say that it does seem like a cheap way for them to use Halle more and give her the ability to display the chemistry that she and Hugh had on Swordfish. But I never got the slightest hints that Storm and Logan would EVER be attracted to one another. I feel it also cheapens Wolverine somewhat. I feel as though the next film could have had a very impactful energy about it with Jean's return. Much like the comics where He of all people, has such a difficulty fighting Jeanie. Regardless to some opinions that Jean came across not loving Logan in the movies. I must say that i feel she did. I feel as though Jean just had a sense of unsurity when it came to logan due to his constant departures and lack of stability. Her allowing of the kiss was an example, and the twinkle in her eyes was another. Famke displayed this very well and look at her in the films, she is torn completley. This is why Scott seems so threatened. BUT, now with Storm and Wolvie together, it seems as though Logan takes any lady he can get.

And overall, I think the idea is just plain annoying. But there's nothing we can do, but wait and see how it comes across.. They might just surprise us all..


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