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Default Anubis' Greats of Comic Art (Image & Indie Edition)

I have no idea why, but i've found myself becoming more and more interested in art work. I can't draw worth a s**t, and it isn't even the most important thing I look for when buying comics. But whenever I'm on line, I find myself browsing around lookin for art wherever I can find it. So, I decided I will put this current obsession to good use and start a thread. Post your favorite art from Image, Oni Press, Darkhorse, whatever. Anything goes. Old school, New stuff, hell, even fanart if it pleases you.

So I'll kick it off with a character I've been itching to post but couldn't because of the nature of the other threads. (Check the sig if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Bruce Timm

Joe Jusko

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