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Default Re: Official - Omahyra Mota Joins Cast!

Originally Posted by CrawlerFan
No, I meant importantness . I talk weird sometimes. That's just me., that's really troubling me. -foresees the diehard Gambit fans calling outrage at this and saying ''Why can't he just be there?"-
TXV: Over time, we've heard lots of casting reports about a whole slew of new characters in the film; can you discuss any of the cameos that feature in the movie?
ZP: No, but I will say this. Everyone should take a big step back and chill out about all these set reports. Some characters that are listed on casting sheets are just there to give them a name. Not all these names being tossed around are actually going to be in the movie. I get so tired of reading about how there are too many characters.

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