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Default Re: The Official Psylocke/Mei Melancon Thread

I don't know if I like this or not. Psylocke, among others we've heard about deserve better than this. Now she's just on Mags team doing who knows what for how many minutes...maybe seconds.

It makes me wish Gambit doesn't end up in the film, if he's going to get the same treatment. I don't really like his character much, but he's a major character that deserves better than that, and fans would probably be angry if it was something of no importance. Now I understand Avi Arad's comments (if he wasn't lying).

Of course maybe Psylocke has a worthwhile cameo role? Can't jump to conclusions, but if it's just a really tiny cameo with no major purpose for importance, maybe they should've stuck with more obscure characters for this purpose? Psylocke is a major character in the Marvel universe.

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