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Default Re: The Official Psylocke/Mei Melancon Thread

Originally Posted by DOG LIPS
Well, Juggs is basiclaly a 'henchman' cameo, Calisto, MM, and possibly Pyro will all be just Mag's background troops along with countless others. I'm sure a few more characters will be thrown into the mix by the time it's all over. Of course characters like S-X are perfect for little roles like this, but still. It just seems like too much to jam pack into one movie, it's as if they are like "This may be our last movie, so lets please ALL the fans!" IMHO.

Do you really think that Juggs, Madrox, Callisto, or Psylocke could hold their own film as the star? Not a chance. Fox wont take the chance on it, therefore, we see them this way....

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