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Default Re: Custom Superman Costume

Christ, that's a brilliant Wonder Woman costume - fairly close to the approach I'd like to see the movie take, though not quite. I don't like the big W accross the waist particularly, I'd prefer a traditional, more slender belt and a gap between the belt and chest-eagle.

I suggest talking to her if you want a kick @$$ custom suit.
Uh, Kelly's actually a guy

Orlando Spider - the design of your Superman costume is awesome. The colours and the whole "cut" of it is great - the sizes, shapes and arrangement of the various elements - is much better than the real Returns one, much more faithful, even though the changes themselves are slight, they are significant. If that costume was made with the same level of quality as the actual Returns suit it would look absolutely fantastic (this is not a slight against you at all - just acknowledging that a Hollywood feature film's costume is made to a higher standard). I prefer the longer cape of the Returns suit, but apart from that all your design choices are superior - the collar is a vast improvement.

Is the cape able to drape over your shoulder a bit, the way Frank Quitely draws it in All Star Superman?

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