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Default Re: Custom Superman Costume

I could be mistaken but it doesn't look like lycra/spandex to me. That's the problem with all "spandex" suits... actual Spandex itself sucks, it's an unattractive looking material which no superhero costume should ever be made of. It's just got a horrible sheen.

But if you make a "tights" based costume out of another, high-quality material it can look great. Orlando's costume doesn't look as great as the real Returns or F4 or Spidey suits as far as what it's made of, but it's way better than Dean Cain's shiny lycra.

Most of those KMD costumes suffer from being made of spandex, even though they're incredibly well made. If they were made of another material thay'd look a great deal better. Alex Ross' art suffers from the same thing - most of his heroes actually look like they're wearing cheap lycra, when he could be painting them to have any nice-looking finish he likes.

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