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Default Re: Custom Superman Costume

Hey guys, thanks for the kind comments on my suit.

Concerning the Belt and Emblem, to those who have shown interest:
Although I did not make them, the artist that DID has only done these two items, and these two only. Since these were molded he has begun work on a new version of the emblem and belt (as new reference has surfaced since then) and probably will not have any readily available until closer to the premier. As it stands, my belt and emblem are 1 of a kind.

Concerning the body suit material, All materials are lycra (aka, spandex) based materials (cape included). What i do not understand, is that MOST spandex fabrics have two sides, a solid side, and then a rather shiney side... and for some reason, most costumes are made with the shiney side and end up looking like crud, whereas the solid/flat side looks better. I always make my suits with the flat side. So to answer the question, yes it IS a lycra/ spandex blend, but it's just incorporated in a better way.

Concerning the boots:
I got them off of a generic shoe website, they are imported and very cheap... however with some modification and vinyl/ leather spraypaint, (as well as in my case, switching out the soles) you get a good looking/ comfortable/ and durable boot.

And concerning the Codpiece comment...
What Cod piece?

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