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Thumbs down Re: New Superman Returns Picture!

Originally Posted by SpiderDaniel
I`m tired of no news regarding this movie. No footage, no new pics, no nothing.Only scene descriptions....Its March 2006 and we haven`t see nothing of this movie.
lol sort of looks like if the WB is scared of the fan reaction being negative for this movie if they put out more press, since there was a bad backlash to the past pictures they released or leaked so far, and looks like they are holding what they have until the month of release so they could just give it one big big push, and see if that works.

So far there has been very little to no build up hype to the movie other then some online promotional stuff, and the movies website but nothing they have done really has build hype for the movie, and it's actually tore down alot of the hype from some fans because some of the photos which they have released... Actually I would say 98% of the pictures so far has sucked lol Just like this one here with Clark & Jimmy that leaked!
That looks just Terrible!

Jimmy looks alright but he's not the main character, and will only be in a handfull of scenes.

Were looking at that picture for CLARK not Jimmy, and Brandon looks just terrible!

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