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Default Re: New Superman Returns Picture!

Originally Posted by Superman \S/
Ok then here's an idea: If you were told to stop posting pics you weren't supposed to post then just tell us you have a new pic ready to be shown and those that want to see you can just pm it to us! I know it'll take time to pm everyne who wants to see a new pic but the ones you do pm we can just forward it to other users.
Everytime I give, people want more. I said patience, I am doing something for you guys, giving info/pics since I rather share the wealth, but please if you respect me, respect that I know what I am doing, and will release them accordingly, when you keep pushing me it gets on my nerves since I am doing this just for you the fans. Comon

PS: We got SOOO much less for Batman Begins regarding content and info (well at least offcially ) and look how great BB was, patience please

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