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Default Re: New Superman Returns Picture!

This isn't written in rage, so don't hate me for mentioning it.

I really couldn't care less for the just released superman returns-game trailer. I couldn't care less regarding ALL of these pics for their upcoming toy-line for returns. Pics of p-l-a-s-t-i-c figures!!??? Cool for a 7 year old kid to look at, sure, but come on.. You can't honestly tell me that if you are say...15 years old and looking at these superman figure pics, that you're getting tottaly exited for the movie (because of a stupid plastic figure!) Some are going crazy over animated - I repeat - ANIMATED pics of superman that's on the boxes to these toys (if it was a real pic I could understand it, but surdently not for a drawn one on a box). Then there's the Monopoly game and every one is going crazy over that too (why?) Stuff as Holloween costumes are people talking and raving gets head-lines..!.. Does any of these things (which is the only thing that has headlined for a good period of time) get your juices pumping for this movie??? It's kiddy stuff.

Can you see a pattern developing here? All of the above has nothing with the movie (directly) to do.. they're all things that goes around it.. it's as if they're afraid of promotion (directly for the movie if ya know what I mean).. why not give us the official movie posters, or some new wallpapers..or a blog about the marketing plan for this movie/post production, what ever. I'm rolling my eyes when ever I see a headline that reads "New superman figure pic!".. Wow.. not to be an *******, but I couldn't care less. I'm only thinking, get on with the show for the movie it self, not everything else going on around it!

Give us something we hunger for. The suspence is killing us! That's not a command, it's a prayer!

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