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Default Re: New Superman Returns Picture!

Originally Posted by Mentok
Actually fan approval gets better with each set of pictures that get released. But you have never let facts get in your way before.

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Thats your opinion... and looking through the thread you are in the minority.

I love the fact that you claim that everyone is so against the film yet you ignore the fact that there has not been ONE SINGLE BAD WORD from anyone who has seen the comic con footage. What do they say?



"They 'get' Superman, they really do"


You claim that WB are scared of the fans and are holding everything back, yet we have had a huge ammount of information given to us. They dont have to give us a damn thing.

The trailer is out in march/april. Three months before the film hits. There is nothing unusual about that. Many films choose to leave the Trailer until a later release date.

I'm betting that what's actually happening here is that those who were already leaning in favour of this film are becoming more vocal and those who aren't happy with it have just stopped commenting. I know I've stopped posting regularly. I just feel like 'what's the point?'. The film is almost done and there is no chance that it will ever be the film I wanted. So, why bother to talk about it anymore. I can't tell you when I last read a post by people like Oldguy. Maybe they're doing the same thing I'm doing. We aren't won over, we've just given up and moved on to other things. LIKE THE BATMAN BEGINS SEQUEL.

Bottom line here is that the only people who are really still engaged here are the same ones who've always held it in a positive light. They're just meeting less opposition because the rest of us have thrown in the towel and walked away.

As to the response from the comic con footage... can't say.. wasn't there ... haven't talked to anyone who was... just have your say so to go on.

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