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Lightbulb Re: New Superman Returns Picture!

Originally Posted by BareKnucklez
lol sort of looks like if the WB is scared of the fan reaction being negative for this movie if they put out more press, since there was a bad backlash to the past pictures they released or leaked so far, and looks like they are holding what they have until the month of release so they could just give it one big big push, and see if that works.
Doubt they are scared. While it true the 1st pic of the costume 'cause a lot of negative backlash as you said, but things has seem to calm down lately & many who were negative in the beginning are starting to change their mind. And as for why not much Supes pics, your guess is good as mine. But I doubt WB is worry or anything. Probably they want some of the pics published on magazines cover & others first instead of the pics being spoiled on the Internet first. But again, let not assume WB are nervous. We don't know about that right now.

So far there has been very little to no build up hype to the movie other then some online promotional stuff, and the movies website but nothing they have done really has build hype for the movie, and it's actually tore down alot of the hype from some fans because some of the photos which they have released...
Actually, the hype has started for months. There the video blogs (which may come back up soon hopefully), many pics are showing up in magazines which Retroman has post many times, many voting SR #1 on several polls on different website, etc. The hype is just starting slowly, but surely. Plus, I think WB is following the old saying "Less is more". A lot of time that can be a good thing, 'cause you're not going to spoil too much on the movie & the fact it can help build up people's curiousity on wanting to see it. And the fact the can sell itself.

Actually I would say 98% of the pictures so far has sucked lol Just like this one here with Clark & Jimmy that leaked!
Heh! Well, that 98% thing is just your opinions. We don't make up the majority of that. The general audiences does that, not us alone. Unless you're joking around on that 98% thing.

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