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Default Re: the ideal Superman suit

I seriously think the Tom welling picture and the superman suitt on Tom is fabulous. MY favourite suit, was potrayed in the animated series. Yet an improvement could be a much darker colour, so that its colour is heavily blue tinted much darker---like when its really wet. I know Iknow you are gonna say that its all batman-like. but hey supes futuristic suit was balck and white!

Ok reason for this is coz superman isnow a global icon, where the blue signifies the UN, and the darker deco suggesting maturity (black in power-dressing) with age. Yet its not totally black so that he is still approachable. Kinda like spidey's red-blue combi. only for supes darker and less playful.

Its apropriate to reflect the movie...where he needs to be taken seriously, his role will be more critical...and hence a more powerful darkdeco would be helpful, in my opinion.

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