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Default Re: How'd you become an X-fan?

I'm surprised to see how many people got in it with the cartoon series. I never really could into the cartoons. I saw maybe a couple episodes and really didn't care. One was something about a wedding ceremony and another was when Storm got captured or something then got stuck in a box and she was colostriphobic or something. I don't remember.

Then came the Evo series. I wondered why Xavier ever bothered to build a school for gifted children when all the students went to normal highschool. I didn't like the character dipictions at all.

Then came X1. I thought hey cool, this stuffs pretty good.

Then came X2 and then I'm all like, duuuuude that friggin rocked!!!!! The story really got me in it and now I'm all over X3.

When I get the chance I'm gonna get into the comics. I never got into the comics either cuz I couldn't stand the costumes. Yellow spandex duz not fare well with me. I'm willing to take a look at some of the recent stuff now.

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