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Default Re: the ideal Superman suit

Originally Posted by kakarot069
this thread was made for people who would like to see something different, and you have no right to bash them just because they like something other than what you want.
I can't speak for Mentok (and I won't try), but I wasn't bashing the person who posted the picture. I was bashing the picture and the fact that it's Tom Welling is in it (you're probably aware that I'm never soft-spoken in my opinion of Well-hole). I'm actually pretty agreeable with numerous takes that have been done on the Superman suit (except for Burton's design and the proposed rubber Flyby suit which didn't sound too promising to me). I love a bunch of the different designs from each of the incarnations for their own respective qualities/differences. I just think that even though the suit on Welling is good aesthetically, the fact he is wearing it is blasphemous to me. I'm happy if people want to show other options for the outfit. I just can't stand Welling. I apologize if I upset you, dude.

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