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Default Anyone feel the same way...?

Does anyone aside from me feel almost like Begins didn't happen? I mean, like the film never was released, like we're still waiting for a new Batman film.

To put it differently... I'm watching the film right now, I love it, masterpiece. But the marketing for BB was so.... silent, so low-key, that, compared to previous Batman films where everyone and his mother knew, nobody knew a new Batman film was coming out until practically the last few weeks before it's release! I was continually bringing it up in conversations and people would say; "What?" And then I'd have to explain the fact that WB was working on a new Batman film. And they'd be totally surprised!

Since the marketing was so low-key, the window where Begins came out and left theaters almost rushed by like a fever dream, and now, it's so easy to forget that it even happened. And I was with the production from the moment Jett announced it was truly happening (And long before!), and I still sometimes can't believe it.

Anyone else feel this way, or do I just sound crazy?

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