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Default Re: Would You Want To Be A Mutant?

I basically have been a mutant my whole life, I was an outcast at school, I have a skin condition which literally IS a genetic mutation (lol) although on the surface it usually looks normal, just alot of scrubbing and cream involved...I feel thankful that it's not severe like some people can get, but it is time consuming to manage it and at times it really does flare up and it's noticeable. I'm pretty much allergic to heat and light. I also like guys, not girls, but it's not something I've ever dealt with, yet still I have suffered discrimination and abuse. I also have issues with humanity and I have a lot of built up bitterness and resentment...

SOOOO (lol) seeing as I've experienced pretty much every bad thing that mutants experience, OF COURSE I'd like to be a mutant! I wouldn't mind Rogues powers at all, since I hate being touched anyway due to my skin always being sensitive or itchy or whatever...

I think with my current mind set and personality I'd be a pretty bad, if humanity did mostly resent mutants, I'd probably be drifting towards Magneto rather than Xavier.

I wouldn't mind having weird skin color, and probably wouldn't be bothered about being physically different, since I'm not interested in affection and all that cr*p anyway...

Elixirs powers would be cool though, being able to heal and alter your own body and others, maybe cure disease...

My "superpower" of choice would be telekinesis cos it has lots of useful benefits and isn't just there for show or to be flashy

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