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Default Re: Would You Want To Be A Mutant?

Originally Posted by DarknessOfDeath
Actually... I day/night dream about this a lot. I'd either be the guy with claws (wolverine) or have Cyclop's power. Plus, I could run around with my X-men suit and save the world

What if something happened to us and mutation began to evolve within us... (Im not a scientist so... yeah) and I dunno... I wake up one morning and I start feeling weird and suddenly these claws appear from my hands... then in my mind, I hear a woman's voice...

then I happen to be in New York...and yeah... someone's dog runs up to me and starts to hump my leg... ... how embarassing. Next thing I know, Sabertooth attacks me...and Toad comes in and yeah...
......then you woke up and realized your in a white room with padded walls

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