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Default Kitty Pryde.....Just Becuse.

I really like UXM's Kitty. I've always liked Shadowcat, but the UXM one is so hyper cute that I can't see straight. Post pics of her and discuss the character.

I was cheated out of USM#91, because my comic book store is really bad with the know...being a comic book store...thing. Yeah. So I never got that issue where they work together. Spidey and Kitty is like a dream couple. And because Peter is a kid in USM, it feels a lot more natural than if they were to try to hook 616 Peter up with someone.

Besides, in the USM world, Peter dating a mutant(especially an x-man) seems realistic for him. With mutant hatred going around, and his self-questioning ways, I could understand him feeling a bond with the x-men. If his true identity were ever revealed by the 20-some people who know who he is, then his life would be similar to what the x-men have to deal with. He'd probablly even have to move into the X-mansion because of mutant haters and protestors harrasing Aunt May or MJ about him.

At his age, he'd be worrying about a girlfriend who can't defend herself. It would be just another hastle, another problem. But with Kitty, not only can she deal with problems by herself, but she has the X-men to defend her. So it's exactly like he said.

I hope they don't break up after the Deadpool arc. Because it seems like Bendis is heading that way. Bendis might have Peter say "I'm sorry but being with you is just TOO much of an adventure. I was stressed with MJ but was never HUNTED!" or something. But these things only help to make him stronger.

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