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Default Re: Age of Apocalypse vs. Days of Future Past

impossible to make age of apacolypse right now...

for one there are two many characters that are assumed you know who they are in real life, to show the stark difference in the alternate universe that the movies havent even adressed yet, like havok gambit and sinsiter and omega red, and obviously apacolypse make that moive, realisticly your talking a minimum of 250 million budget, if spiderman 3 is being made for 250 AoA is looking at 300 which would make it the most expensive movie ever, and the x franchise has not proven worthy of that kind of budget they have dominated the mid-big budget of 100 million doubling up both movies, but they havent grossed 300 nor 250 yet so it would be tough to justify it

and third, to go from the real world setting that bryan singer sacrifced the truencies of the comic book to do so, and dive right in to the not able to explain in a movie world of the age of apacolypse, i just don't think this movie is possible

besides days of future past kicks ass so much more then AoA does, Cable, Bishop, to of the coolest outlaws ever

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