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Default Re: Age of Apocalypse vs. Days of Future Past

If DoFP is made it will have to be about time travel, not the X-men. Which kills the point of making it an X-men movie.

The main idea of any X-men movie has to be mutants and their place first and foremost. DoFP is about mutancy but on the big screen time travel will easily overshadow it.

Anyways I dont think realistically we'd ever get a DoFP story on the big screen. The Danger Room scene (according to Premiere) is supposed to be a nod to DoFP and I think thats the closest we'll get.

Oh and Sen. Kelly is dead.

Maggie comes fleet-foot, face full of black soot talkin that the heat put, plants in the bed but the phones tapped anyway, Maggie says that many say they must bust in early May- orders from the D.A.
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