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Default Re: Age of Apocalypse vs. Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Cyclops

"Marty! You've got to come with me!"
"Aww, Doc, what is it now?"
"Sentinels have conquered the world and are destroying all of mutantkind!"
"But Doc, we destroyed the Delorean and..."
"Your kids, Marty! Your kids are the ones who design the Sentinels! We've got to stop them before it's too late!"

if you guys honestly think days of future past is to complicated for movies, and fans, good luck trying to explain that everything that they have herd, and seen in the first three xmen movies dosen't take place, because in reality...

professor x is dead

magneto leads the xmen

this mutant who has been around for hundereds of thousands of years from egypt and who is immortal is runnning the universe

if you think that days of future past can't be done then good luck doing AoA i think both are fantastic stories, and i would like to see both, but i just don't see anyway possible AoA gets made into a movie

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