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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by The Question
I doubt that in a battle situation, Batman would be calmly "analyzing their oponents." In a fight like that, he'd be forced to make stuff up on the fly. And also, remember, The Avengers are not idiots, and they are capable of tactical thinking themselves (hell, Cap is probably just as smart as Batman is). Wanda and Thor, pooling theri powers, could scatter the League apart. And, like I said, The Vision would atempt to take out their heavy hitters by doing what I described. It could easily go either way.
Batman would be protected by Green Lantern while planning, but even if he doesn't have much time he's a pretty good improviser.

But like I said it all depends on who reacts first and gets a tactic ready. I think JLA has the advantage there because of the telepatich link and GL can shield everyone. Flash's speed is also a big advantage since he can take Capt America out of the fight pretty fast.

In short it could go either way, but I think the JLA has the advantage.

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