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Default Re: Age of Apocalypse vs. Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past needn't follow the comics or cartoons word for word, frame for frame. Nothing else has done so in the movies.

You could say the same about the Phoenix saga: 'Ooh no, space travel and aliens and a woman devouring a star just wouldn't work". But they are making it work by taking the essence of the story - a mutant's evolution, and descent into insanity...

Days of Future Past could easily be adapted: Bishop is a cop who is a mutant able to absorb energy. That includes 'chronal energy' (= time). When he absorbs time energy, he has visions of the future, flashes of a terrible future in which he sees the gravestones of the X-Men and the dark terror of a Sentinels-run world. The nightmare visions gets stronger, he decides to find out who the names are on the gravestones in his visions, he teams up with the X-Men to stop present-day events triggering the future he has seen. No time travel, just horrible visions of the future and a race against time to stop that future happening.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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