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Default Re: Zak Penn also writing Ultimate Avengers: Live Action Movie!

Originally Posted by The Question
Way I see it, they have to make each volume into a movie. Only way it'd work. ANd the book's so damned cinimatic already, it's be perfect. Like I've been saying for a while, this is how Marvel should handle it's movies:

Start with four films. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, And Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. Each film will set up each character, and their early exploits. Captain America would be Tom Clancy style espionoge set in WWII with super soldiers and assasins in red skull helmets and all that kickassery. Iron Man would be James Bond meets the Six Million Dollar Man, with industrialist Tony Stark facing off against Chinese crime lord, the Mandarin. Thor would be Highlander on the scale of Lord of the Rings. A trauma surgion discovers that he is Thor reincarnate, begins preaching of a better way of life to people, and gets confronted by Loki and his brood. Nick Fury is over the top spy action with a leading man who would shove Bond's martini up his ass and proceed to bang the bond girl.

Then, they make "The Avengers," which serves as a sequel to all four of these films, plus The Hulk. Nick Fury, at the behest of the U.S. government and the U.N., puts together a tactical unit designed to deal with extra normal threats. Tony Stark is brought on as a financer, weapons designer, and feild agent. We're introduced to Giant Man and The Wasp. Bruce Banner, who's been dopping himself with his cure for his condition like crazy is brought on as a genetics expert, and works with Giant Man and Wasp. Betty Ross, who has since split with Bruce (again), is also brought on as a scientist and helps with the team's P.R. (along with biology, she studied jopurnolism in college). They try to recruit Thor, who at the time refuses, and the thaw out Cap. The movie progresses as the book did from there.
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