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Default Re: How'd you become an X-fan?

i started with the cartoons as a kid, spiderman, fantastic 4, iron man, x-men, but it was always xmen that i came back to. it was the one i always watched regularly. i remember having a couple issues back then, but i don't remember which ones. the only thing i remember is i had one with a image of cyke working on the blackbird in a tanktop or something.

then there was a drought where i kinda "forgot" about them. then in late middle school/early high school, they used to show reruns after school and i'd come home and watch them and got hooked all over again.

then one day i was at the flea market and i bought some comics, and then i was hooked. and when i couldnt find comics, i read fanfics, cuz they were free and available. sadly most sucked though.

now i'm still an x-fan, buy comics when i can, and read fanfic still hoping to find some great stories. i've found a few gems though, after searching through tons of rocks.

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