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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by The Question
I doubt that in a battle situation, Batman would be calmly "analyzing their oponents." In a fight like that, he'd be forced to make stuff up on the fly. And also, remember, The Avengers are not idiots, and they are capable of tactical thinking themselves (hell, Cap is probably just as smart as Batman is). Wanda and Thor, pooling theri powers, could scatter the League apart. And, like I said, The Vision would atempt to take out their heavy hitters by doing what I described. It could easily go either way.
I think everyone is ignoring how fast Superman is. Why, in heaven's name, would Superman sit still for the Vision to fall on him, and a fraction of a second warning would be enough time for him not to be there (and remember - he can hear the massive object falling - no way he could be surprised). That weapon could be turned against the Vision very easily. The vision starts his fall, Superman flies above him, and barrels down at full speed to connect as the vision hits the (now vacant) ground. Goodbye android. Of course, the Vision is smart enought to know this could happen so probably wouldn't even attempt it.

Overall, the telepathic link would probably turn the tide

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