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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by The Question
Superman smacks Vision into the ground, he's still hit by the shockwave. Not the brunt of the hit, but it'd hurt. And hell, the first time the Vision tried this was on an oponent with a good deal of super speed. It worked because said oponent was distracted at the time. If Superman's busy trading blows with Thor, he's going to be distracted.
Let's see: Superman can hear the object falling and a fraction of a second warning would be enought for him not to be there. Thor isn't near that fast. Offhand, the odd are that the ploy would only success in taking out Thor (which it would definitely do). Shock wave: sure, Aside from Superman and Flash (both of whom could clear the area), the Vision probably just took out both the JLA and Avengers - or at least the ones that Superman and Flash couldn't get transported out of the way. A weapon that takes out your team isn't a very good weapon.

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