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Default Re: Which X-Men superpowers do you wish you had?

Yeah, i guess almost any power is potentially dangerous. I mean if you can fly, you have to be careful of things in the sky, careful that people don't see you and try to shoot you down, watch for powerlines etc.! Also if something goes wrong and you start to fall, you'd be screwed. So you'd have to practice flying low for a long time, for short distances, gradually testing your limits and getting to know how long and high you can safely fly. But if you had wings then maybe you could actually glide to safety if you got tired while in the air. I don't know, i'm starting to ramble.

I was actually just thinking alst night about powers and how some characters have powers that are somewhat like a curse almost (rogue not being able to touch anyone, cyclops not being able to really see like a normal person, stuff like that) vs. mutants that have powers that would be really fun to have, like a healing factor and claws, or telepathy, or fire powers. I wouldn't want to have to sacrifice touch or sight for a super power.

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