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Default Re: Which X-Men superpowers do you wish you had?

Originally Posted by SickBoy
I was actually just thinking alst night about powers and how some characters have powers that are somewhat like a curse almost (rogue not being able to touch anyone, cyclops not being able to really see like a normal person, stuff like that) vs. mutants that have powers that would be really fun to have, like a healing factor and claws, or telepathy, or fire powers. I wouldn't want to have to sacrifice touch or sight for a super power.
i agree with you. when i was picking a power i was thinking about stuff like that. for example, if i thought about telepathy, i considered everything, like it's manifestation and learning to control it and stuff. i mean you could probably lose your mind or go ballistic trying to learn to control something like that.

that's prob why i chose "safe" powers like warpath.

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