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Default Re: Joker Casting Threads [merged-30]

Originally Posted by SUPERBENITEZ
Jude Law doesnt have to be funny - just be able to play a guy who thinks he's funny.
Alright - I still have yet to see Jude Law in a film as a guy who think's he's funny. Listen, if you're a fan, by all means - that's your opinion. But there are other people who watch his movies in a different light, like me, who don't believe he would be a good Joker. He's too suave, too smooth, and too-good-looking. Joker's a funny-lookin' dude - he can't look like a magazine cover.

Paul Bettany fits that description.
Steve Carrell fits that description.
Chris Eccleston fits that description.

Jude Law comes across to me as a prettyboy. I don't think Joker should be played by a prettyboy.

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